The WSD3 STEM Initiative is a district-wide program designed to promote the traditional knowledge and skill set of science and math in conjunction with the requisite 21st century skills of technology and engineering that students need to know to realize their potential towards whatever path they may choose in life.  To do this our program is working to advance CAD skills, additive and subtractive manufacturing techniques, and product development as a fundamental skill set for all middle and high school students in our district.  To accomplish this goal, the Department of Defense Educational Activity grant is funding the roll out of Makerspaces in each of our middle and high school sites.  Please visit the "Sites and Facilities" location within this website to see what our equipment and facilities looks like at each school.  Also, please visit the "Student Projects" section of this site to review the latest products and accomplishments of our students.


The overarching vision for the WSD3 STEM Initiative is to provide students with the opportunity for mastery of not only perfunctory math, science and writing skills, but also 21st century technology skills that will provide them with post-secondary readiness in a global society.


The WSD3 STEM Initiative overlaps traditional science and math curriculum with the content and application of engineering and technology.  It is our mission to provide every student with a standard skill set in CAD, coding, and basic manufacturing techniques.


Widefield School District 3 (WSD3) is a vibrant community on the southeast side of Colorado Springs. Our climate and culture gives a comforting small-town feel in a big city environment. WSD3 annually ranks first or second in Colorado in graduation rates for African-American students and in the upper third in Colorado in graduation rates for Hispanic students.


The many STEM programs within our district routinely participate and perform in STEM-related activities and competitions throughout the state.  Our Junior- and High School programs host and participate in the First Technical Challenge (FTC) robotics competition annually.  Our High School programs also participate and compete in the Technology Student Association (TSA) and Skills USA state competitions.